Interfaith Programme

Since the start of 2015, Ms L Beukes together with a group of 4 learners in Grade 10 have joined the Cape Town Interfaith Initiative (CTII). The learners are: Latie Mtana, Danica Samuels, Anne Mfundisi and Nabeelah Moos.

Information about the Interfaith Intercultural Twinning and Exchange Programme

The project is organised in partnership with the Amy Biehl Foundation. The programme focusses on the younger generation and the environment in which they are socialised – the school. Within our schools we need to develop in every learner the knowledge, values, attitudes and skills necessary for co-existence in a multi-religious and multi-cultural society. We need to help young people to understand that they are integrally part of the broader collective community.

Seven (7) schools have joined the programme this year, namely, Spine Road, Langa, Oude Molen, Herzlia, Gardens Commercial, The Leadership College and Rylands High Schools. The schools are notably situated in different geographical locations. The pupils come from diverse religious, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Programme structure (2 years)

  • The learners attend monthly workshops (2-4.30pm) at each of the above-mentioned schools.
  • We partner with another school to do a group project, e.g. helping out at a soup kitchen, planting trees or visiting an orphanage.
  • We will tutor younger learners from disadvantaged backgrounds in numeracy and literacy in 2016.

The Charter for Compassion

During a morning staff briefing on Thursday, 23 July, we as the Interfaith Group presented The Charter for Compassion to the staff and principal. The Charter encompasses all the values and principles that we not only need to apply at school, but also at home in our everyday lives. The main principles outlined in the Charter are inclusivity, no discrimination, empathy for others, tolerance and acceptance.

We chose to share this Charter with the staff and learners so that we can all be reminded of the importance of these principles. We also framed a copy for the school, which is displayed in our trophy cabinet.

Interfaith camp and sessions

The group has already attended many sessions as well as a visit to the Holocaust Museum and a camp. We also spent the day at Gardens Commercial High School, as part of a school exchange. The Oude Molen group spent the day at our school as well, on Monday 17 August. We look forward to the last session at Langa High, a visit to Robben Island in September, a session on Table Mountain as well as the end-of-year ceremony at the Cape Town Civic Centre on Monday 12 October, hosted by the deputy mayor.

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