ATKV Event

Spine Road High School was selected by the ATKV to be acknowledged for the quality education, dedication of the educators, and for the high matric pass rate achieved in 2013. The vision of the ATKV is to support schools and to acknowledge the quality education that schools and educators are rendering to learners in communities under trying circumstances.

The function took place in the Spine Road High School Hall, with approximately 150 people attending the function. Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, presenter of the morning show, Expresso gave an inspiration talk on working hard, staying focussed and looking at opportunities in life.

Mrs Senosie (img above), thanked Mr Najaar, the educator and the School Governing Body for their dedication and hard work.

Shakier Samie, the top matriculant at Spine Road High in 2013 received five awards for his excellent achievement in different learning areas.

We would like to thank Professor Titus, Jerome (the MC and project manager at the function), Mr Seymour Bothma, Mr Andre Hendricks and the management of the ATKV for selecting our school, and bringing such a wonderful incentive into our communities.

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