Ambassador of the Alliance Française visit to Spine Road High

The Ambassador of the Alliance Française Elisabeth Barbier and their director Christian Randrianampizafy, braced the cold weather to visit Spine Road High School earlier this week. Eight very fortunate Grade 10 and fifteen Grade 8 learners are granted the opportunity to study French as a third language, thanks to a sponsorship received from the Alliance Française of Mitchell’s Plain. These learners attend French classes twice a week after normal academic classes. These learners will do French through to Grade 12, and will write French as a third language as part of their Grade 12 exams.

The Ambassador was pleasantly surprised when the Grade 10 learners conversed with her and the director in fluent French. The learners took advantage of the opportunity to thank the Ambassador and the director in French for the wonderful opportunity awarded to them. Mr Najaar discussed the importance of the program with the Ambassador, and thanked her for the wonderful opportunity being awarded to these learners. He expressed his appreciation for their interest shown in the development of our learners, and explained the importance of programs like these to keep our learners off the streets, and to build their confidence and to keep them motivated. He discussed the variety of career options open to learners that have a third language, especially French.

The Ambassador said that she was happy with the impact the French lessons have on the learners, and wished that the Alliance Française could do more to bring French into our communities. She wished the learners luck with the program and promised to visit again soon… hopefully to converse in French with the newbies (Grade 8s) on the program.

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