DATE: 27 November 2014
On Thursday, 27 November 300+ young Spine Road athletes gathered in the school hall to celebrate another successful sporting year. Joining the spinerodians in this celebration was Mr Ismail Teladia (ex- Spine road educator and current Life Oriention Curriculum Advisor), Rowan Esau ( WCED School Enrichment officer), Elroy Duckitt (MOT South Africa), Neil Van Niekerk ( Westridge High Educator, Westridge Yankees base – and softball chairperson) as well as Rae Ripepi and Nazeem Dulvie ( head of baseball and softball respectively).

Athletes attentively listened to the motivational message of the keynote speaker Abubakaar “Boebie” Solomons , acclaimed soccer coach who also blessed Spine Road High with a copy of his
soccer coaching manual. Each learner present received a certificate as acknowledgement of his/her commitment to their respective sporting codes. In addition, those athletes that achieved their WP colours where also honoured with a scroll that they would be able to display on their school blazer. Some time was also spent on acknowledging the successes of past pupil who have achieved on the sporting field – Dale Santon (Blue Bulls Rugby, SA Rugby legends), Clinton Stemmet ( SA Volleyball), Farwah Mentoor ( Comrades & Two Oceans medallist), Norman Jordaan ( Blue Bulls & SA Rugby).

Our Top athletes for 2014: Player of the year (male) Ikraam Sage, Player of the year ( female) Hamimah Mullah, Sportswoman of the year ( Saajida Cassiem), Sportsman of the year – Ebrahiem

3Top Athletes 2014: ( left to right)
Elroy Duckitt ( MOT South Africa), Hamima Mullah ( top athlete – female), Ikraam Sage ( top athlete
– male), Saajidah Cassiem ( Sportsperson – female), Ebrahiem Ismail ( Sportsperson- male), Rowan
Esau ( WCED School Enrichment Officer )

1Keynote Speaker: Abubakaar “ Boebie” Solomons being thanked for his motivation words by Grade
12 learner and avid soccer player Jeshurun Snell

2Handing over of Coaching Manual: Keynote Speaker Abubakaar ”Boebie” Solomons handing over a
copy of his soccer coaching manual to soccer coach and governing body chairperson Mr Morne’

4Principal R. Najaar addressing us on the importance of sport in the holistic development of young

5Western Province Representatives and scroll recipients for 2014:
Tafeeq James ( Aquatics), Bradley Blaauw ( Karate), Hoosain Isaacs / Marco Tregonning/Ikraam Sage
* Uthmaan Frieslaar – absent ( Rugby), Faizel Logenstein/Mog Nur Logenstein/Nashieta Davids/
Mustapha Logenstein *Muneerah Adams / Ilhaam Hendricks – absent ( Volleyball), *Jayden
Johannes – absent (Cycling), *Marchelino James – absent ( Pool)


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