Extra- Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities

From the sports field to the library to the classroom, Spine Road high aims to offer students from all walks of life something to express themselves in. While not required, every student is highly encouraged to join an academic club or sports team of some sort to help offset the heavy nature that academics can sometimes have. 

School, to us at Spine Road, is more than just a place of learning; it’s a place of growth and experience. With this in mind, should any student have an idea they wish to present as an additional extra-curricular or mural club, they are more than welcome to bring it up with one of our staff to have it reviewed and potentially green-lit. Below, we’ll cover many of our extra-mural and curricular actvities so any student or potential student can have some idea of what they’d like to do.

Academic and Social Clubs


The ancient game of strategy and forethought. Offered to all grades, immerse yourself in a struggle of wit and intelligence against opponents of all skill levels. Learn the rules, techniques and, most importantly, have fun.


To encourage your curiousity in finding out why things happen in the way they do. It is the greatest medium to learn to love learning.


Learn to heal and care for those injured, to respond in cause of an emergency, and the proper procedure to follow. With plenty of practice almost guaranteed, thank you Rugby, learn an integral skill that could, perhaps, save a life in the future.


Learn the path others have walked and of the cultures that surround you. To truly understand someone, after all, one must understand and know the path that has led them forward. If you love people and culture, Interfaith is the place for you.


The Social Club is an extracurricular that aims to give back to the community through spreading positivity and extending a helping hand.


Not everyone is made for long-winded meetings or peopling, preferring to get lost in a world of words instead. A well written book can take you to places beyond your wildest imagination, so if you love reading and you love books, this is for you!



Strength, speed and endurance. Think you have what it takes? Test your metal in South Africa’s favorite past-time sport on Spine Road’s team. Push past your limits and reach new heights as a team, as individuals and as family.


The world’s most popular sport. From the streets of Brazil to the high-risers of the Middle-East, soccer connects people from all around the world. Test your skills against others your own age and beyond with our school’s very own team!


Pool4Change  – Youth develpoment to the next level


Patience and technique reign king in this game of champions. Learn from long-time fans and coaches of the game, with emphasis placed on the subtle things often overlooked by the casual viewer. New or experienced, all are welcome here!


Aim for the moon, shoot for the stars! An exciting game in constant movements, demanding your absolute limits and beyond. Master your body and its reactions and surpass all limits you never knew you had.


It’s more than just spectacular jumps and superb landings. Gymnastics demands that you learn every aspect of your body and master it, accept it and grow it further. Failure is common, but success is grown from it all the same.

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